Keithalan Hinson – Owner

Keithalan Hinson is the founder of Time 2 Dance. He has used his God given talents to impact kids' lives by helping them build confidence and self esteem. Keithalan truly has a gift on the way he connects with his students and his teaching tactics are incomparable! Top EMCEE in Los Angeles! 

In addition to hosting/emceeing events and motivational speaking, Keithalan is a television producer and writer of several projects. 

Maral Hinson(Rali) –Owner 

Maral Hinson came side by side with her husband Keithalan to co-own Time 2 Dance. In addition to teaching theater and aerobics, she takes care of the administrative aspect of the business including accounting, marketing, advertising, program planning, community relations, etc. Maral has a personal relationship with all her clients. Maral continues to pursue motivational speaking in the hopes to help people and make a difference.