H I P   H O P


Hip hop dance is a form of dance that is upbeat and fun and develops coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and self expression. Hip hop is unique in the way that it allows dancers the freedom of movement adding in their own personalities.


Dress Code for Hip Hop Dance

*tennis shoes/sneakers only



Ballet is a type of performance dance that originated during the 15th century and later developed into a concert dance form. Ballet is a highly technical form of dance involving arm, leg, and foot positions to line up and poise with the body.Ballet is about balance and correct body posture. This form of dance is a great foundation and an important first step to any new dancer.



Dress Code for Ballet class

*pink tights *leotard *ballet shoes *hair pulled back




Street Jazz is a popular custom of dance that includes different forms such as lyrical jazz, jazz funk, and modern jazz. This class will have a flavorable mixture of all forms giving the student a solid foundation of Jazz. The movements are very contemporary and modern and involve shoulder shrugs, neck rolls, and hip hop movements. The student will learn to walk and move to a beat at the same time.



Dress Code for Street Jazz Class

*tennis shoes/sneakers


Contemporary dance is a dance style that blends ballet and jazz dance. Contemporary is generally a bit faster than ballet, but not as fast as jazz. A Contemporary dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love and joy. Contemporary dancers usually perform to music with lyrics of a chosen song that serve as inspiration for movements and expressions. Movements in Contemporary dance are characterized by fluidity and grace,


Dress Code for Contemporary Dance

*leggings, tights, leotard or cami tops *ballet or jazz shoes